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Lincoln Music Therapy Services offers music therapy for children and adults.  Clients who have received music therapy include: Autism, Cerebral palsy, Developmental Delays, Intellectual Disabilities, Premature infants, Dementia, Visual and Hearing Impairments, Cancer, Stroke, Parkinson's, Brain injuries, Expectant and laboring mothers, and hospice. Our newest service in heartbeat recording. Please visit for more information.

How can I help with music therapy? 

As your local expert on neurologic music therapy, I can help treat physical, communication, cognitive, emotional, and social functioning. 

Physical problems: Acute and chronic pain, gait training, and other functional movements for activities of daily living.

Communication problems: Apraxia, fluent and nonfluent aphasia, spontaneous and nonreflexive speech, fluency, articulatory rate, pause time, intelligibility, articulatory control, respiratory strength, function of the speech apparatus, inflection, pitch, breath control, timbre, dynamics, speech sequencing, acquisition of phonemes and intelligibility, pre-linguistic language, alternative/assisted expressive communication, semantics, receptive language skills, language pragmatics, speech gestures, and emotional expression.

Cognitive problems: Vgilance and attention maintenance, arousal, sensory response, orientation, care singing, auditory perception, sensory integration, all types of attention (focused, sustained, alternating, divided), visual neglect, executive functioning (organization, problem solving, decision making, reasoning, comprehension, initiation, impulse control), memory (mnemonics training, echoic, working).

Emotional and social problems: Mood control, affect identification and expression, cognitive coherence, social competence, self-awareness, self-esteem, and grief.

Nicole Jacobs, MT-BC

Nicole founded LMTS in 2003 following graduation from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Since then she has worked with all ages as a private contracting music therapist.  Nicole received her master's degree in music therapy from Colorado State University in 2015. During her four years of graduate work, Nicole conducted research and received training in neurologic music therapy.  Currently, Nicole is a professor at a local university where she directs the music therapy degree program. Nicole joined the Academic Program Approval Committee of  the American Music Therapy Association in 2019. In addition, she is an active member of the Nebraska State Task Force for music therapy.  Local organizations frequently request her as a guest speaker. Since 2003, she has presented on music therapy at local, state, regional, and national conferences.  

Nicole lives in Lincoln and is married to her husband Michael. She is mom to Lilly, Sydney, Jack and Betty. Her future plans include pursuing her PhD in educational technology and educational psychology. In her free time, Nicole enjoys outdoor concerts, farmers markets, camping, sailing, and playing at the park with her children.  

Nicole specializes in being a neurologic music therapist. She focuses on providing evidence-based practice though the 20+ neurologic music therapy interventions. 

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